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If you like ebony skin, long hair, and a muscular black body then Brooks is the girl for you. I work out everyday and I am a pure Nubian princess. Don’t call me if you’re faint of heart because I will rock you into outer space. I like men who are large and in charge and I respond by being the companion they want for any situation. You can take me out or keep me in for the evening. Either way you’ll be a happy man in the morning. And I will be a happy woman knowing I’ve done my job.

As a Las Vegas escort I have learned to fit in no matter where I am. You can take me into a high class restaurant or sit down for burgers anywhere in town. I’m equally comfortable in a rented limousine or a Lamborghini. I’ll look, dress, and act the part that you need me to and then show you my true self when we’re alone. I can be sweet or I can very nasty if you like. Just tell me what you like. I’m available this evening and all you have to do is call and invite me over.

Call me for an immediate response 702-699-7417