Danita  702-697-1097

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I am Danita and I am Egyptian. My skin is smooth and dark black, pure ebony, and my body is one that rivals the ancient Egyptian princess Cleopatra herself. I have long muscular legs and a firm bosom that has yet to be affected by gravity in any way. I am an exotic treat and you can have me as your companion this evening if you just give me a call. I can show you things that were passed down to me from the ancient beginnings of time, the secrets of the Nile that will make you experience pleasure like you never dreamed of.

Of course we could also go out to dinner or go to a show. We could check out one of the local nightclubs or just take a walk around town. I’m available to do whatever you like and I promise that no matter what it is you’ll enjoy it. Activities outside the hotel room can be fun also and the activities inside the hotel room can always wait till later. Tell what you like to do and we’ll do it. It all starts with you calling me and inviting me over to your room. Do that now and you’ll see me in person shortly.

Call me for an immediate response 702-697-1097