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My name is Shelbie and I’m not a teenage witch but I do have powers that can make a man drop to his knees in front of me. I’m not too far removed from my teen years so I still have the body of a young girl and the brain of an experienced Las Vegas escort. You can call me this evening and get the best of everything that you desire. Ask me to dress whatever way you like and tell me what to do when I get there. I love to be dominated and I hope that you know how to do it with respect but showing me a firm hand.

I grew up in Las Vegas and I know this city and the state of Nevada really well. I can guide you to all the tourist attractions or take you to the best restaurants here in town. We can go out together and do something in public or stay in your room and enjoy some private time. When you call me you are asking me to be your companion for the evening or weekend and I am happy to do that for you. I’m also happy to do a whole lot of other things for you. Just ask me about them.

Call me for an immediate response 702-796-5593