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I like long walks in the moonlight, dancing under the stars, and swimming naked outdoors. Get the picture? I’m a big fan of Mother Nature and I like outdoor activities. I also enjoy intimate moments and I’m a sap for chick flicks. Bring me to your room and put on “Gone with the Wind” and you’ll have four hours of woman needing to be with man. Don’t worry. You’ll enjoy it. I promise. If you’re not into Scarlet and Rhett I can easily give you the same treatment to a good episode of Law and Order.

If you want to do something more conventional you could take me out to dinner, dance with me, or just invite me to your room and have your way with me for a few hours. I’m a Las Vegas escort and my job is to make you happy. I love my job because I enjoy making a man happy and it shows in the way that I do it. My body is soft, young, and willing and I have a very vivid imagination. You can tell me what you want or you can let me surprise you. Either way, you’ll be smiling when I’m done.

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