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Whoever said blondes have more fun never spent the night with me. My name is Leanne and I am a brunette escort with long muscular legs and curves that would make a NASCAR driver crash and burn. I am what men refer to as “smoking hot” and you can have me tonight, in every sense of the word, by just picking up the phone and calling me. I am available tonight to come to your hotel room or meet you at the restaurant downstairs.

I believe in having fun and I believe in no limits. I wasn’t put on this earth to restrict myself from anything I enjoy and I want to be with a man who feels the same way. Inhibitions and moral boundaries are for areas outside of Las Vegas. Here in the city we want to party. Let your hair down and take me out on the town. Drag me back to your room and tell me what you want me to do. Respect me but don’t coddle me. If you get me excited you’ll have an evening you’ll never forget and a trip to Vegas that you can tell all your friends about.

Call me for an immediate response 702-796-5575