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My name is Mia and I am from Brazil. I have a hot body, large breasts, and long legs that I would just love to wrap around you tonight. Where I come from the blood runs hot and clothing is almost non-existent. I love being naked and would be happy to dance for you if that’s what you like. You can also take me out if you like. I speak three languages and I’m able to fit in anywhere so I make a perfect companion for a dinner or business meeting. I also know Las Vegas very well so I can direct you to nightclubs and restaurants that have quality food and entertainment.

The things I do best though are the things I do behind closed doors. You can bring me to your hotel room and keep me for a few hours or all night long. I will fulfill your fantasies and satisfy your every desire. If you’ve never been with a Brazilian woman before then you are in for the time of your life. We don’t have the inhibitions that American girls have and we let ourselves go completely into our passions every time. Push the buttons on your phone now and then push my buttons tonight. You’ll absolutely love the results.

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